New Opportunity

WeWork Members + Hult Master’s Students

We are now recruiting 10 Master’s graduates from the Hult International Business School to work with 10 companies based at WeWork-Civic Center (San Francisco) in areas such as marketing, sales, business development, project management, and more.

For WeWork members at Civic Center: you not only get a talented international professional—a Collabriv Fellow—who brings new perspectives, ideas and contacts, but you also get regular engagement from the team of 10 Fellows.

For Hult students graduating in August: you not only get a challenging job and the chance to interact with leaders of 10 companies, but you also intreact with many of the other 500 members at WeWork-Civic Center.

Next Steps

For both companies at WeWork-Civic Center and for Hult Students


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Send Resume/Review Resumes


Interview (optional: attend our Recruitathon)

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