We work with companies (particularly start-ups) and international students in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we bring them together for mutual benefit. For companies: we help you acquire business talent and we also provide you a global team of advisers for one year. For international students: we help you secure OPT jobs; you get Master’s-level training in leadership; and you do this as part of a global team based from a coworking space.

New Opportunity

WeWork Members + Hult Master’s Students

This fall, we are building on our experience placing Master’s graduates from the Hult International Business School with companies based at coworking spaces: we will place a first team of 10 Hult graduates in year-long OPT jobs (marketing, biz dev, data analysis, etc) with companies based at WeWork-Civic Center in San Francisco.

For WeWork members: you not only get a talented international professional—called a Collabriv Fellow—who brings new perspectives, ideas and contacts, but you also get regular advice and help from the team of 10 Fellows as needed.

For Hult Master’s students graduating in August: you not only get a challenging job and the chance to interact with leaders of the 10 companies, but you also get to know many of the other 500 members at WeWork-Civic Center—new colleagues who can provide advice, introductions, perhaps even future partnership and work opportunities.

Next Steps

Getting started is easy. Both companies and candidates do the following


Sign up (2 minutes)


Meeting/Session (20-45 mins)


Start Interviewing

It’s a Global Age – Get a Global Team Behind You.