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Collabriv worked closely with us to understand our needs at ASEB, and then they put together a team of four remarkably talented and hard-working people from around the world. Our company is very locally focused, but having interns from Turkey, Belgium, Singapore, and Zambia changed our marketing, communications, social media, and more—so much so that we extended two of the interns for one more year. And if your company is global in scope or heading that way, so much the better. I’m certain you’ll want people of this caliber and this humanity working for you back in their countries. Micheal Pope, CEO of ASEB, Berkeley, California
Once back in Belgium, I got a job with an international company that I could never have gotten before. Why? Collabriv. My six months in the Bay Area working with colleagues from all over the world and with the ASEB team improved my people skills and gave me the practical experience to get that job. Yet Collabriv is about so much more than the internship: studying leadership at a Master’s degree level, becoming a lifelong member of my host family, volunteering in the community, traveling in California—it was special. Don’t think twice. Apply and give yourself this chance. Fred Verbogen, Collabriv 2013 intern from Antwerp, Belgium